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Congratulations Hannah!

This week we celebrated Hannah’s completion of her research as a Community fellow for the Melbourne Social Equity Institute at the University of Melbourne.

Hannah, our Impact Evaluation Lead, led this important research into understanding the challenges faced by Young People from marginalised backgrounds in gaining employment, and the kinds of factors that inform their decisions and aspirations around employment pathways.

Hannah’s research addressed the lack of qualitative data from Young People who have been marginalised and the structural barriers they face in securing work.

She will be presenting a summary of her important work at our upcoming Round Table, where we’ll be joined by partners of Good Cycles for an open conversation on the role we play in helping Young People access sustainable employment opportunities.

We are very lucky to have Hannah in our team and are thankful for the opportunity to share the outcomes of her research with you.


Date: Wednesday 7 August

Time: 4pm

Where: Melbourne CBD and online

Congratulations to all the Melbourne Social Equity Institute 2023/24 Fellows, pictured here with Hannah at this week’s celebration.

 Photo: Peter Casamento

Learn more about our work breaking employment barriers for Young People.

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Good Cycles releases its Impact Snapshot 2023 on World Skills Youth Day

We are proud to release our 2023 Impact Snapshot on July 15 to coincide with World Youth Skills Day, a day the United Nations chose to recognise the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.

2023 was a big year for Good Cycles. We celebrated our 10 Year anniversary, increased our employees by 40%, moved into Sydney (and now Brisbane and the Gold Coast) with our Lime contract. We did all this while redefining and structuring Good Cycles services through four new business divisions, all ideal industries to grow our impact and Youth Employment Program:


Good Spaces: Large scale green space and asset maintenance services.

Good Deliveries: Specialist inner-city deliveries, logistics and sustainability services delivered via e-bikes.

Good Bikes: Bike retail, corporate servicing  and tailored micro-mobility services.

Good People: Specialist managed workforce partnerships (labour hire) with value-aligned partners.



Most importantly, we had 52 young people in our Youth Employment Program (up from 29 participants in 2022) for a total of 33,484 hours of paid work (up 45% from 2022).


This snapshot touches on some challenges the young people face and we look forward to expanding our reporting to align with our
23-24 annual report and share more of our research findings in the near future. 

We know that young people thrive when given the right opportunities, and we are striving to learn more, adapt and grow together.

We had 52 young people in our Youth Employment Program
up from 29 participants in 2022 for a total of 33,484 hours of paid work up 45% from 2022

Good Cycles is incredibly proud of our team leaders, managers, coaches and mentors that bring their passion and commitment towards helping young people who experience barriers to employment.

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Good Deliveries. We Deliver Change.

You know our retail stores, but did you know that Good Cycles also uses bikes to help other businesses deliver their products?

Our Good Deliveries division is now operating to help businesses to deliver into Melbourne’s inner city.

Choosing Good Deliveries means businesses are receiving quality service while supporting Good Cycles to provide safe and meaningful work for Young People in our community.

A competitively priced alternative for small businesses, we can collect the packages (or they can drop them off at our conveniently located Richmond depot) for us to deliver the next day.

Our fleet of e-cargo bikes efficiently navigates high traffic, congested destinations so you can trust Good Deliveries to quickly and professionally meet all delivery needs. Because we use bikes, we are also putting the planet first by reducing emissions spent compared to vans and trucks.

Deliveries can easily be placed via our online portal and can be tracked throughout, with notifications set up for both sender and recipients. We can collect parcels from anywhere in and around Melbourne, and our current delivery area can be found in the FAQ section of the Good Deliveries website.

Keen to work together, putting people and planet first? Find out more about how our Good Deliveries team can work with your business here.


Have a suggestion for a business you think you could work with? Let us know via the Contact Us form on our Good Deliveries website.

Learn more about how your donation can make a difference

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GIVE Melbourne Fundraising Efforts

Trio of workers standing in a warehouse, holding bike helmets and wearing hi-viz uniforms.

The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has launched GIVE Melbourne, a month-long fundraising campaign to raise funds for critical community needs such as Good Cycles.

Noting the current cost of living crisis, increasing rates of unemployment for young people, and lack of affordable housing has exacerbated existing community challenges, this donation drive is asking for support to help Melbourne be a livable and inclusive city for all people.
The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation’ Chief Executive Officer Peter Walton said, “Melbourne is often voted as the most livable city, however, that is not the experience or reality for many people in our community.” “The current cost of living crisis, increased rates of unemployment for young people and lack of affordable housing has exacerbated existing community challenges. We’re working towards Greater Melbourne being a livable and inclusive city for all.”
GIVE Melbourne will support Good Cycles, alongside Ask Izzy by Infoxchange, Sweltering Cities and Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.
GIVE Melbourne is aiming to inspire Melburnians to donate from now until 28 June. Donations of all sizes will help support creating inclusive employment opportunities for young people, the increasing effects of climate change and reduce homelessness. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. With the end of financial year upon us, now is the perfect time to support Good Cycles further.

Learn more about how your donation can make a difference

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Ministerial Visit to Good Cycles

YEP participants speaking with Federal Minister for Employment Tony Burke and MP Peter Khalil inside the Brunswick bike shop.

Federal Minister of Employment Tony Burke and MP for Wills Peter Khalil met with Good Cycles to learn more about how we contribute to the lives of young people, their communities and the environment. 

They sat down with Oliver, Luz, Lucas and Luca who shared their experiences of the Good Cycles Youth Employment Program and the impact it has had on them, and the future they see for themselves. The visit follows the budget release, which detailed $21.9 million to fund work integrated social enterprises such as Good Cycles.

80% of young people struggle to find or keep jobs (YMCA, December 2021). The work that we do to remove the barriers they face for safe, meaningful and sustainable employment is only going to become more important.

We thank Minister Burke and Mr Khalil for visiting us and hearing first-hand how social enterprises can contribute to employment issues in Australia and help empower those most shut out of work opportunities. 

Learn more about how we shape livable communities

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Specialized arrives at Good Cycles

J.P. holding a Specialized Como 3.0.

What do Specialized and Good Cycles have in common? We both believe that the bicycle has the power to change lives.

We are excited to announce that Good Cycles is now stocking Specialized bikes, for all types of riders, for all kinds of rides. Specialized are a leader in the cycling world, designing award winning bikes that are on the cutting edge of innovation.  

We are grateful for the support Specialized has given us over the years. We are stoked with our new partnership and working further together to help get more people on bikes.

To shop our range of Specialized bikes, pop into our Geelong store or visit the Good Cycles online store.

For further enquiries, give our Good Cycles Geelong store a call on 0478 487 547.

Good Cycles Geelong is at 61-63 Little Malop Street, Geelong.

Open Tuesday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9:30am – 3pm.

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And the winner is… Good Cycles!

We are chuffed to be recognised with the Innovation Excellence Award at the 2024 Civil Contractors Federation Victoria People & Training Awards!

Our submission noted the work we do with Citywide, DM Roads and Fulton Hogan and the social and environmental innovation we achieve together, but most importantly that this work supports Good Cycles Youth Employment Program and empowering young people in their own lives and communities through stable employment. 

Good Cycles, our purpose and our people were recognised in a room of industry professionals, helping raise awareness of the depth of our business and the partnerships we can offer to help other organisations also support young people and create cycles of change.

We know our staff do amazing work everyday, however awards like this are wonderful to know others recognise the value in what we do as well. Congrats to all the winners and nominees!

Learn more about how we shape livable communities

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Here are some safety tips for riding a bike in the wet

Getting out on your bike during the wetter months can be daunting. That’s why finding the right gear that makes you comfortable and protects you from the elements is essential for wet weather riding.

In the winter months, when daylight hours are shorter and weather conditions can be unpredictable, having lights on your bike is essential for safety. Bike lights not only make you more visible to motorists but also help you see the road ahead clearly, enabling you to navigate safely through potentially hazardous conditions. Whether you’re commuting or riding for leisure, investing in reliable bike lights is a small but crucial safety measure all year around, and especially during winter with increased dark hours and wet weather.

Having tyres that are prepared for all seasons means that they have plenty of grip and tread, and are not too thin since they are the only contact point between you and the road. Anything between 25 and 28 inches is ideal. To maximize your grip on the wet roads, increase your tyres’ total surface area by riding road bike tyres at 85 PSI and wider MTB or hybrid bike tyres at 40 PSI. 

Accessories to help you out in the winter months include bike racks and mudguards. Cycling with a mudguard diminishes the spray from your rear wheel and keeps your back dry. Mudguards reduce the amount of water flying on to the person behind you, so it would be a considerate investment towards your fellow cyclists too! Keep your belongings dry by storing them in panniers on either side of your rear wheel, thanks to your rear rack. If you want less drag or ride a single speed bike, then try a front rack. 

Looking after your chain is important for your bike to keep moving smoothly. Grease your chain, or better yet, take it for a safety check and service at your local Good Cycles shop. If your notice your bike swaying as you brake or not reacting as it should, our mechanics can also replace your bike’s worn brakes.

Our staff have the experience and expertise to find the right accessories to fit your bike and your budget. Make a difference in your local community by shopping online or instore at your local Good Cycles shop. Remember, 100% of our profits go towards our youth employment and coaching programs that benefit young people to break through their employment barriers.

Shop online for winter cycling accessories below

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How to be a good LGBTQIA+ ally in the lead up to IDAHOBIT

Rainbow flags attached to Goldie store front window, with bike mechanic Leigh working in the background of the photo.

Friday May 17 is International Day Against LGBTQIA+ Discrimination, a day Good Cycles is proud to acknowledge and celebrate. In line with our values of safety and inclusion, we believe it is a fundamental right for all people to feel safe, be respected and be able to be themselves at work. 


We are engaging with all corners of our business to share how we can properly support the LGBTQIA+ community. Ahead of May 17, we will be engaging in conversations about how to be a good ally in the workplace. Here are some ways you could do this in your own time.

Learn and Listen

Take the time out of your day to sit down and listen to a person share their LGBTQIA+ journey. This person could be a work colleague, an acquaintance, a relative or a friend. Gain a deeper understanding of LGBTQIA+ history and issues people may face. Know that somebody will share their story only when they feel comfortable and accepted for who they are. It is important that you are supportive and listen with empathy.

Be Visible

A great way to show your solidarity this week is to display rainbow flags and LGBTQIA+ information brochures around your workplace, while wearing rainbow pins, lanyards or badges with your preferred pronouns. Showing your support, wearing your values demonstrates to LGBTQIA+ people that you are there for them and are backing up your allyship in a public setting. Ensure that these work or study environments are safe and inclusive for LGBTQIA+ people to be their true selves.

Use Inclusive Language

Language describes the world that we live in, so it is important we respect those around us by using gender neutral language to avoid prickly assumptions. For example, say ‘partner’ instead of ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ when talking about relationships with somebody you don’t know too well. Respecting people’s preferred pronouns is another way to be an LGBTQIA+ ally, because it shows that person that you are supporting them on their journey and are accepting of their gender identity as well.

When we make ourselves seen and heard as LGBTQIA+ allies, then we create safe spaces for everyone, everywhere. In line with Good Cycles’ values of safety and inclusion, we believe that safety isn’t just a physical consideration and everyone has the right to be themselves at work. 

100% of our profits go towards employing young people facing barriers to employment.

Make a positive impact on a young person’s life by making a charitable donation.

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Luz reflects on her work experiences so far at Good Cycles.

Luz went from rarely riding a bike while living in Mexico to cycling up to 8 hours a day within our Good Spaces division. Joining Good Cycles in 2021, her work varied across council asset maintenance and car share cleaning. 

Today, she is working as a retail assistant in our bike shops while developing her bike mechanics skills. Luz reflects on her experiences out on the road and shares what she has learned.

Tell us about the transition between infrastructure services and retail bike shops? What skills have you been able to transfer?

It’s been quite interesting because I had no background in bikes or mechanics. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming to me, but it has been hectic. What’s been important is learning and taking it a day at a time. Overall the experience has been good compared to how other bike shops would treat a newbie. My communication skills I picked up from working in the public are useful in the bike shop as well. For example how to communicate with managers, and with the team in general. They have been so helpful to me, I can’t thank them enough.

Together with her colleagues/mentors Stef and Abby, Luz is taking steps to improve the way women and female identifying people are perceived in bike shops. According to a 2023 Bicycle Association study on diversity in cycling, women only make up 8% of the cycling industry’s workshop based roles, 40% of administrative roles and 19% of customer facing roles.


Have you encountered any challenges in the cycling industry?

Cycling is very much a male-dominated industry. Sometimes people believe they won’t receive the best advice from a woman. In some cases, female store members have been flat out ignored! In our bike shops, I believe we are challenging these stereotypes; on some days you can come into our Melbourne CBD store and there will be three female mechanics all working together, all with expert bike knowledge. This is why I think we need to prioritise hiring women in this industry.

Luz, you have spent time living in Mexico. What is the cycling culture like in Mexico compared to here in Australia?

It’s terrible over there. That’s probably one of the main reasons I never got used to riding bikes on public roads. The most I ever rode was as a toddler, dodging chairs and tables on a kid’s bike in the house. Every Wednesday in my town, there would be a community bike ride but the police would escort us to make sure nobody would injure us on the road. It was kind of like a protest if you think about it, they would treat it like that because people don’t respect cyclists at all. Cycling was more like a recreational activity and not a mode of transport like here.

"I enjoy being creative through problem solving, whether I'm in the store or outside doing asset maintenance on a path inspection."
Retail Assistant

And what does cycling mean to you now, after having worked at Good Cycles?

For me personally, using the e-bikes during the work shift meant freedom to discover new parts of the city and take in the landscape, the open spaces. I realise now how important cycling is in Australia and how empowering it is to own a bicycle, to use it for everyday tasks. It’s so much safer here compared to Mexico. For example, here schools have bike cages and everywhere you go there is a place to lock your bike on the street.

Overcoming negative stereotypes in the cycling industry and providing quality service to our customers is something Luz has become passionate about since joining Good Cycles. Gaining communication skills in Good Spaces and transferring those skills in our retail stores has given Luz confidence and stability in her life.

Curious about joining our crew?

Visit our Good Jobs page and see what opportunities await you.

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Announcing the winners of the Membership March Prize Pool

We have had a stellar Membership March and Good Cycles would like to thank everyone who signed up this month for their care and generosity. You are making a difference in the lives of young people overcoming their barriers to employment. And now, the moment you have all been waiting for … 

Membership March 2024 Prize Winners

Two month Lug+Carrie subscription: Peter E.

Bridge Road Brewers Prize Pack: Hilton S.

$250 Good Cycles Voucher: Laura S.

2 FYXO Melburn Roobaix TicketsCathy R.

Vittoria road tyres and Vittoria t-shirt: Jules F.

Vittoria MTB tyres: Corey M.

Vittoria gravel tyres: Miwa T.

Lime credit voucher: Simon W., Ben M.

Purpose Precinct Prize Pack: Nathaniel F.

Homie $50 voucher: Sam G., Martin W. 

Moon Meteor-X Auto 450 Lumens Lightset,  Good Cycles drink bottle, Rock “n” Roll Gold Chain lube Prize Pack: Matt O., Clare H., Rebecca M., Luke H., Jess H., Bec M.

Merida drink bottle, Merida t-shirt, Rock “n” Roll Gold Chain lube Prize Pack: Tara L., David W., Russ M., Darren B., Ryan T., Ernesto N., Leon H., Simon T., Anthony B., Emily C.

Rock “n” Roll Gold Chain lube and Good Cycles drink bottle Prize Pack: Josh R., Gabby S., Malcolm C., Karla B., David D., Matthew S., Francesco Z., Ed Z.

Congratulations to our prize pack winners!

We hope our Membership March winners enjoy their rewards. Feel free to drop in to any of our stores if you have any bike related questions, our staff will be sure to help you out. Be sure to check out your monthly newsletter for all things Good Cycles, in the meantime, happy riding everyone! 

100% of our profits go towards employing young people facing barriers to employment.

Make a positive impact on a young person’s life by getting your bike serviced with us. 

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Lucas’ experiences as an Operations Coordinator

At our fast-paced warehouse in North Melbourne you’ll find Lucas. He began working with us in 2020 and developed transferrable workplace skills that saw him move from car share cleaning to become our City Services Operations Coordinator. During our interview, Lucas reflected on how he learned to create a safe, more inclusive workplace for others, and how he works to create good cycles of change in the wider community.

What was an average day like in car share cleaning and which skills could you transfer to your current role?

Using an e-bike, I would carry cleaning equipment to various work sites in Metro Melbourne. Typically, I would clean up to 14 car share vehicles per shift, completing work orders after they had been cleaned. I think time management and taking responsibility were two skills I transferred to my role as Operations Coordinator. Working under time constraints prepared me to stay focused while coordinating tasks in the warehouse. And even though I am based in the office, I still get to go out into the CBD to do grouting and lock removals which helps break up my day.

Were there any challenges in your role as Operations Coordinator that you had to overcome?

In the beginning, I felt a bit of imposter syndrome because other team members were older than me and they appeared to have more experience than me. This left me feeling like I didn’t deserve to be here. Another personal challenge was overcoming social anxiety when talking to the staff. It used to make me feel uncomfortable because I went from being part of the team to transitioning into a leadership role. I would notice people talking to me differently, but I persevered to become more secure in my position and gained confidence in the role. I’ve also taken steps to make staff feel more comfortable while working, which has provided me with a sense of purpose.

Tell us about some of the steps you’ve taken to make staff feel comfortable while they work.

I’m motivated towards helping make the workplace a more comfortable environment for feminine presenting staff because I didn’t come out as trans until after I began working here. When I started my transition, I experienced a different level of respect from men in the street based upon how I presented myself. I started to notice a huge disparity in how our feminine presenting staff were being treated when they went out into public to work. 

Incidents were going unreported as they were reluctant to speak up. It wasn’t fair to them, so I sat down to listen to their experiences so we could develop strategies about what we could do as a workplace to improve the situation. One thing we tried was sending people out in pairs and never being alone on the street for long. We also made the workplace more welcoming, creating safe spaces to share stories from the job. That meant we could bond over the good and the bad, and rely on each other if we ever needed help. The benefits were immediate and it has been a boost to the warehouse ever since.

"Being an ally is a worthwhile cause and something I am passionate about."
Office Coordinator

What has been a highlight for you while you’ve been working here?

Some of our staff used to struggle coming to work on time and found it difficult to focus. When our Youth Coaches guided them, you could see a change. Their work ethic improved and they were arriving to work with a sense of purpose. Doing the simple things right and seeing them accomplish their goals reminded me why I enjoy working at Good Cycles.

Lucas embraces our mission of creating good cycles of change. He spreads positivity by dedicating himself to leadership and being an ally for underrepresented staff members. His willingness to do the right thing is something we should all strive for, whatever our role in life is.

Curious about joining our crew?

Visit our Good Jobs page and see what opportunities await you.

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Check out the great work our team has been doing on our most recent FOGO Bin Liner Project!

Recently our team has been working together with Citywide to deliver bin liners on behalf of the City of Melbourne for food and garden organics waste to registered homes around town. We’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the amazing work our staff have been doing these past few weeks, demonstrating teamwork and communication skills to complete this project.

What the project involves:

Under the guidance of Team Leader Gareth, the crew gathers in the morning and would receive a section of a map with participating residences. Each crew member receives a bundle of bin liners and travels to their respective drop off locations in a van. Using e-cargo bikes as well as travelling by foot, each team member delivers a bin liner to each property on their list. After every shift, the team reconvenes to check how many residences received bin liners and how many more remain for the next shift.  

Over the course of three weeks, the 7-person crew delivered bin liners to 10,000 addresses in the City of Melbourne. An astonishing accomplishment and all credit goes to our crew of young people who have meticulously worked together to get the best out of each other. “It’s been great to see how smooth the workflow has been. I’m so proud of the teamwork that has been on display throughout these three weeks,” says Team Leader Gareth. “Major shout out to Lucas as without his organisational skills, none of this would have been possible,” added Gareth.  

"Fantastic to partner with Good Cycles for our FOGO bin liner delivery program for a third time running. Their professionalism and can-do attitude made getting the job done easy and supporting young people on their journey to rewarding employment is such a great outcome. We look forward to future employment opportunities."
Tim Wright
Senior Recycling Manager, City of Melbourne

The Good Cycles team have proven themselves to be hard workers in a team environment, taking with them many communication and leadership skills that they can transfer into future employment.  As this project did not require a driver’s licence or other forms of certification, it is another example of meaningful, entry level work that breaks through barriers to employment. 

"Citywide is pleased to have supported another successful FOGO Liner Delivery Program for the City of Melbourne, in collaboration with our long-standing and entrusted partner, Good Cycles. The liner program aims to encourage the ongoing uptake of FOGO services throughout the Melbourne municipality whilst also serving as a valuable entry point for youth employment and skills development through Good Cycles' community partnership initiative. A win for the environment, the Melbourne community and young job seekers."
Gabrielle Lethlean
Sustainability and Continuous Improvement Lead, Citywide Waste

Our Good Logistics team has made an environmental impact on many residences within our community, helping to prevent tonnes of food and garden organics waste from ending up in landfill and helping shape the way we think about residential waste. Each delivery of bin liners means that we can take another step towards shaping more livable communities, converting residential food and garden organics waste into fertiliser and compost.

Find out more about the positive impact we’ve been making.

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Camilo’s experiences in City Services

We recently sat down with Camilo from City Services, to listen to his experiences at Good Cycles and what he has learned on the job so far

Camilo migrated from Venezuela in his late teens, learning English while working around town. After discovering Good Cycles through a Facebook group for Spanish speakers, it led him to a job working as a van driver in our Labour Hire partnership with Lime. His time on the road taught him some valuable communication and management skills, that helped break down his barriers to employment and opened up further leadership opportunities within Good Cycles. Twelve months on, Camilo reflects on his transition to a leadership position, emphasising the importance of learning on the job and being an empathetic listener, and the virtue it plays in motivating his staff.

Tell us about your experiences with Good Cycles

I’ve found that the work is fun and collaborative, which put me at ease on my first day. There’s a focus on keeping the workplace friendly while you learn on the job. When Good Cycles’ Impact Team contacted me for the first time, they made a good impression. They cared about my goals, and that motivated me to try my best on the job. I poured my heart and soul into my work, and it ultimately paid off when the Impact Team contacted me to see if I was interested in taking a leadership role in City Services. I was excited to know that I had made such a positive impact that Good Cycles were headhunting me. 

Tell us about your role as Operations Supervisor. What skills have you acquired and what have you learned about yourself?

During my first week in the office, my supervisor told me: “Expect the unexpected!” When I arrive at work, I first see who is on shift and scan the warehouse for available equipment. I get a sense of how the crew are feeling so I can meet them on their level. Over the past year, I have learned how to manage a team of over 30 people and I have improved my risk assessment skills. Under the guidance of my supervisors, my admin skills have also improved and I can better communicate with partners and clients.

How would you describe Good Cycles as an organisation?

I would say that the company is very patient with its staff. This is a place where you can feel comfortable learning on the job, where you are expected to make mistakes and gradually improve in your role. Everybody sets small attainable goals in a positive working environment that promotes inclusion and safety. Having the Impact Team to assist you in any issues you may have and all the resources they provide makes everybody here feel comfortable on the job.

"At Good Cycles, I was given enough responsibility to feel like my work was worthwhile."
Operations Supervisor

What has been a highlight of yours while working here?

Apart from mastering cafe latte art, my first month working as a van driver would be high up on my list. I remember rescuing a scooter from the Yarra River and feeling such a sense of accomplishment. This job gave me the freedom to work the hours I wanted and made me feel like I was achieving something during my shift.

What’s in store for Camilo in 2024? Camilo shared with us his aspirations to undertake study in the field of Interior Design. Camilo’s positive attitude and hard work has been attested to by his peers, and Good Cycles is grateful for all his hard-work approach, the leadership he’s shown, and his cheerful, friendly demeanour he consistently exhibits.

Interested in joining the Good Cycles crew?

Visit our Good Jobs page and see what opportunities await you.

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What makes Good Cycles your friendly neighbourhood bike shop?

As a social enterprise that empowers young people with safe and meaningful work, we believe in the power of positivity. It is one of the moving forces for our good cycles of change. We recently asked some of our bike mechanics to shine a light on this positivity, and posed the question: What makes a bike shop accessible? Here are four values that our bike mechanics bring to our stores.


We make sure each customer is heard, that we respect your time and budget so you can get the best out of your customer experience. Listening to a customer will allow our mechanics to solve any issues you may have, which means you can get back to cycling and getting the most out of your bike.


We understand that your bike may be your primary mode of transport and is important to you. We can work together to get you back on the road with our quality service. For us, respect also means being honest with you if the cost of service will outweigh the price of your bicycle. Our mechanics will always be happy to assist you with any query you might have.

Being Approachable

We stay grounded by constantly reminding ourselves that we serve a diverse community of cyclists. Commuters, seasoned roadies, adventurous MTB riders, second hand bike enthusiasts all visit our bike stores for regular servicing and to purchase parts & accessories. We open our doors with gratitude for each and every person that visits us.

Engaging with the client

We never make presumptions of our customers’ wants and needs, nor their cycling skills and level of bike knowledge. We take the time to ask questions, to understand what each person wants so they can get the very best out of their bike. 

"We're here to do what's best for your bicycle, because we love seeing the cycling community grow."
Good Cycles Bike Mechanic
"Very friendly, invested and helpful; very reasonably priced for the CBD."
James T.
Goldsbrough Lane customer

Our mechanics take the time to take special attention to details and are collaborative in finding what’s best for a customer’s bicycle. We are passionate about working for the community and providing the quality service to get you on your way. And remember, when you shop with us, know that 100% of our profits go to towards employing young people facing barriers to employment. Why not make a positive impact today and bring your bike in for service with one of our friendly mechanics.

100% of our profits go towards employing young people facing barriers to employment.

Make a positive impact on a young person’s life by getting your bike serviced with us. 

Get discounts off servicing and accessories when you sign up to be a member this year.