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Good Cycles makes going places on two wheels even better. We help you get a better ride and you help empower young people facing barriers to work. Together we can improve young people’s futures and contribute to more sustainable cities.

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Darren’s experience with Good Cycles

Prior to coming to Good Cycles, Darren had been unemployed for over six months, living in overcrowded housing with 2 dependents, and faced additional challenges to gaining employment as a result of mental health issues and having no driver’s license.

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Mark’s prep for the Hunt 1000

This March a unique bikepacking event is taking place, the Hunt 1000. Postponed last year due to Covid, this event has been greatly anticipated by bikepacking adventure aficionados. It’s no easy feat; approximately 1000km in distance, departing Melbourne, traversing the Australian alps, to finish in Canberra. Good Cycle’s Head of Operations, Mark Liddle, was one of the people who had dreams of a 2021 start, only to be foiled by the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, this year provides another opportunity, as Mark discussed his preparation and approach ahead of his upcoming departure.

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