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Good Cycles is a team of experienced and passionate individuals. We are governed by an energetic Board of Directors and partner with, and are supported by, a range of forward-thinking organisations.

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Our founding story


In 2013, we set out to establish a community enterprise that uses bicycles as vehicles for positive change. What started as a bright idea (and launched soon after with just two bikes in a backyard), has now grown to become a thriving and dynamic organisation.

Today, we are very glad to see Good Cycles succeeding and still carrying out our mission. And we appreciate those who continue this important work.

As the founders, our greatest hope is for anyone connected to Good Cycles – its board members, employees, program participants, customers and supporters – to recognise that the word ‘good’ was always intended to be at the heart of this organisation. From the beginning, we envisioned ‘good’ as the enterprise’s most important guiding principle. Why? Because we believe that when good people truly commit to doing good things for the community, good results will follow.

We thank those responsible for all of Good Cycles’ ongoing achievements. And we welcome newcomers joining us for the ride. We’re certain now, more than ever before, that bicycles really do change lives. Every turn of the pedal is a revolution, and the more we push, the further we will all go.



Luke & Loretta

Our founding values


Kindness & compassion

Kindness, compassion and being good are at the heart of every decision we make and every interaction we have. We do not accept bullying, dominance and aggression at Good Cycles.


We believe in an equal and just society in which everyone has opportunities and access to support, guidance and meaningful employment.


We are strongly committed to supporting and embracing a diverse working environment. We celebrate and encourage diversity organisation wide.


We strongly believe in empowering people to be happier, healthier and more connected to their communities.

Business as usual

A social enterprise is an effort to do business differently. People always come before profit. We believe in challenging the old ways of doing things, for a better, gentler and happier world.