About Us

About us

Good Cycles tackles youth unemployment by creating jobs for young people who face barriers to employment. We know that 80% of young people struggle to find or keep jobs. Through a culture of innovation, partnerships and collaboration, we believe we can change this.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to create safe & meaningful jobs for Young People. Jobs that break barriers to employment, nurture our community, our planet and create good cycles of change.

We create jobs through innovation and demonstrate how social enterprise can play a pivotal role in a sustainable future.

Our Purpose

We create safe and inclusive job opportunities for Young People who have experienced barriers to employment. Young people who:

  • Come from disadvantaged backgrounds and live in disadvantaged areas
  • Have pre-existing long-term health conditions
  • Are not already in employment, education or training
  • Have been long-term unemployed

Our Youth Employment Program

Our Youth Employment Program uses a work-first approach, offering jobs to people aged 18-29 with real income and regular shifts alongside tailored coaching and support. 

Our ‘learn by doing’ approach is offered with personal choice and an inclusive workplace to deliver technical and transferable skills, enabling young people to see a brighter future for themselves and to be a key part of a workforce that is delivering positive change for their communities.

We create:

  • Meaningful jobs with a range of pathways
  • Green jobs of the future
  • Jobs that nurture communities to be cleaner, safer, and healthier

What we do

It all started with a couple of bikes, but we didn’t stop there. 

Alongside our four retail bike shops, Good Cycles also works in partnership with forward-thinking businesses to provide services to support our communities. Together, we are able to provide employment opportunities for those in need while helping businesses reach their social procurement targets.

Good Bikes

Bike Shops & More

Good Spaces

Horticulture & Asset Management

Good Deliveries

Deliveries & Logistics

Good People

Managed Workforce Partnerships

A statement from our founders

In 2013, we set out to establish a community enterprise that uses bicycles as vehicles for positive change. What started out as a bright idea (and launched soon after with just two bikes in a backyard) has now grown to become a thriving and dynamic organisation.

Today, we are very glad to see Good Cycles succeeding and still carrying out our mission and we appreciate those who continue this important work.

As the founders, our greatest hope is for anyone connected to Good Cycles – its board members, employees, program participants, customers, clients and supporters – to recognise that the word ‘good’ was always intended to be at the heart of this organisation. From the beginning, we envisioned ‘good’ as the enterprise’s most important guiding principle. Why? Because we believe that when good people truly commit to doing good things for the community, good results will follow.

We thank those responsible for all of Good Cycles’ ongoing achievements and we welcome newcomers joining us for the ride. We’re certain now, more than ever before, that bicycles really do change lives. Every turn of the pedal is a revolution, and the more we push, the further we will all go.


Luke & Loretta

The Good Cycles values



We are courageous and ambitious; challenging ourselves and others to think beyond conventions and achieve excellence in all we do.


We treat everyone with mutual respect, recognising the importance of inclusion and diversity. We respect all individuals and take pride in the work we do.


We encourage creativity, fun and believe in the value of innovation. Not only do we see new ways to create opportunities, but we act on them.


We strive for equity both in the way we work and in our communities. We work inclusively and provide solutions that increase access to opportunities.

Safety & Wellbeing

We are committed to a safe, supported, and empowered work environment that fosters the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of all.