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6 cycling resources to keep you rolling

A lot of us have been working from home for too long and some of us are getting dizzy within our 5km bubbles. To keep you enthused and riding, we wanted to share some of our favourite cycling-related resources. We’ve included ones that get the most out of your 5km bubble, show you how to repair your bike at home

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Jen and Kate with eBikes

Making the commute work

Bikes impact our lives positively in so many ways. They’re great for our health, they reduce congestion on our roads, they’re an affordable mode of transport and they have minimal impact on the environment. They’re also the foundation of our mission to help young people facing barriers to work.

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Norco Search XR S2 gravel bike

Gravel bikes – the hot new thing?

If you’ve been into a bike shop or browsed cycling websites in the last year you’d have seen and read all about gravel bikes. Gravel bikes are the new hot thing in cycling, but what’s the big deal?

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Rim brakes or disc brakes – what’s the difference?

It’s a given that we see a lot of bikes in our shop and we’ve noticed that more and more modern bikes are being equipped with disc brakes. While once reserved for mountain bikes, disc brakes are now appearing on flat bar commuter and road bikes. So which is best? Rim brakes or disc brakes? Let’s take a look at

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Electronic gear system

Electronic vs mechanical gear systems

Let’s take a look at gear systems. Specifically, the difference between electronic vs mechanical gear systems. The “Big Three” bike part manufacturers each have an electronic gearing system: Shimano has Di2 for both road and mountain bikes; Campagnolo has EPS; and  SRAM has Etap which, along with being electronic is wireless!  There are, of course, the pros and cons of

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Bike on the street at night.

Winter Riding Tips

With daylight savings well and truly behind us, you may find yourself in the dark when it comes to winter cycling. We’ve put together a few tips on how to stay safe and seen during the colder months.  

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Close up of bike drivetrain.

The Drivetrain

If you’re a bicycle rider, you might have heard the term ‘drivetrain’ being bandied about by in-the-know bike riders. If you’re not a mechanical type of person, you may be wondering what this word means.

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