How to carry more on your bike rather than your back

Sick of lugging a backpack on your bike? Or do you find yourself stopping at the shops on the way home and wish you had some extra capacity? There are solutions for almost all bikes to help you carry more gear on your bike.

The rear rack

The most common is a rear rack. Bolted to your frame, rear racks can typically carry 15kgs+ of gear. Once you have the rack you can add a simple and versatile basket bolted to the rack to carry your bag or a bag of shopping, this setup typically costs around $100. 


Rear rack and basket to carry gear on your bike
A rear rack and basket with a bag full of shopping


If you want a more streamlined solution, then a pannier (or two) that mount to the rear rack can be a good option. Panniers are waterproof and quite easy to fit and remove. Panniers have a lower centre of gravity compared with a basket, making the bike a bit more stable. We stock Ortlieb panniers which are made in Germany and come in a variety of styles, from the simple single pannier which is basically a waterproof roll top bag to a fancy briefcase-style bag that has a padded laptop insert.

Mounted pannier  to carry gear on your bike
The Ortlieb Urban Back-Roller Single Pannier Bag (available online or in-store)

The front basket

A front basket is another option that is becoming more popular. Front baskets can be mounted to almost any bike and have the advantage of suiting bikes that may not have the mount points for a rear rack. They can carry odd-shaped items and you can keep an eye on your gear. Front baskets start at $90.

Front basket to carry gear on your bike
A front basket allows you to keep an eye on your cargo

Bikepacking bags

If your bike has no accommodations for mounting racks or baskets – it may be a carbon fibre road or mountain bike – or you want to keep your bike as light as possible, then bikepacking bags can be a great option. 

Whilst originally designed for superlight off-road bike touring they can be good in the city too. The most popular style is a seatpost mounted bag. They can’t carry as much as a pannier or basket – think a change of clothes and lunch- but they can be mounted to any bike.

Seatpost mounted bag to carry gear on your bike
The Pro Discover Bikepacking Saddle Bag (available online or in-store)

Choose what’s best for you

If you want to see our range have a browse online and if you have any questions about what will work on your bike drop in and have a chat.