Good news

Darren’s experience with Good Cycles

Prior to coming to Good Cycles, Darren had been unemployed for over six months, living in overcrowded housing with 2 dependents, and faced additional challenges to gaining employment as a result of mental health issues and having no driver’s license.

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Mark’s prep for the Hunt 1000

This March a unique bikepacking event is taking place, the Hunt 1000. Postponed last year due to Covid, this event has been greatly anticipated by bikepacking adventure aficionados. It’s no easy feat; approximately 1000km in distance, departing Melbourne, traversing the Australian alps, to finish in Canberra. Good Cycle’s Head of Operations, Mark Liddle, was one of the people who had dreams of a 2021 start, only to be foiled by the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, this year provides another opportunity, as Mark discussed his preparation and approach ahead of his upcoming departure.

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6 cycling resources to keep you rolling

A lot of us have been working from home for too long and some of us are getting dizzy within our 5km bubbles. To keep you enthused and riding, we wanted to share some of our favourite cycling-related resources. We’ve included ones that get the most out of your 5km bubble, show you how to repair your bike at home (or fix up a hard rubbish find), plan for future rides and some adventure dreaming. The act of cycling is only part of the adventure after all!

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