Social impact at Good Cycles

Entry-level jobs represented 22% of the job market 15 years ago but are now under 10%.

These jobs are especially important to young people. For them more than other workers, entry-level jobs are essential to build skills, establish a base rate of income and provide the first steps in career development. 

The good news is Good Cycles Street Teams are providing essential work that contributes to pandemic safety, urban amenity, and environmental sustainability. So despite the economic downturn, Good Cycles is growing in areas of genuine need, and in doing so, we are increasing access to opportunity through entry-level jobs.

Good Cycles street teams are providing essential work

What are the benefits of more entry-level jobs?

The focus on entry-level jobs and appropriate training has translated into impressive increases in employees’ skills. Those completing the technical training and mastering the skills required for proficiency in work performance jumped from 77% to 88%. 

Even more important is the increase in transferable skills. The so-called ‘soft’ skills that include multifaceted capabilities such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving are among the most critical for maintaining employment and progressing through professional levels. Good Cycles’ employees attained more than 20% improvement on average in this skill set.

“[T]eam membership [means] always communicating …making sure you are helping people out so they can get things done: When we are a team, when they evolve, we evolve together.

– Good Cycles Supported Employee

Entry-level jobs increase transferable skills

We all benefit from a strong and diverse society with opportunity available to all

Thanks to partnerships with community groups and services who help us to take affirmative action to employ under-represented workers, Good Cycles has attracted a more diverse group of employees. Diversity and inclusion are a central means for us to achieve productivity and realise the development potential of our workforce. 

Good Cycles’ diversity has increased in the last 12 months. We are celebrating a 15% increase in employees with non-English speaking backgrounds, 4% increase in LGBTQI+ employment and 5% increase in the proportion of women we employ.

“The main thing has been meeting people and learning about them, and me being better able to understand different types of people in the workplace.”

– Good Cycles Supported Employee

We all benefit from a strong and diverse society

Young people benefit by overcoming barriers to employment

Good Cycles Street Team members face an average of 5 barriers to employment. Each barrier to employment multiplies the effect of disadvantage on young people. It’s easy to focus on the negatives, but think about that 20% average increase in skills our employees achieved this year. With the opportunities to develop through paid work, young people gain resilience in work and in life. Disadvantage can be overwhelmed by resilience factors. 

“[Y]ou’re able to play to your strengths, as well as work outside your toolkit of skills. Every new project I’ve worked on has brought its own challenges, and I definitely have had to step into different leadership challenges”.

– Good Cycles Supported Employee

The practical approaches to entry-level employment that your support enables means that more young people can work their way to a positive and resilient future. We thank you for being part of the solution.