Keeping Melbourne’s shared user paths safe!

Good Cycles has partnered with DM Roads to improve Melbourne’s shared user pathways for everyone!

After pedestrians expressed safety concerns over the use of utes to undertake shared user paths (SUPs) inspections along the Hume, Western and Metropolitan Ring road Freeways, DM Roads contacted Good Cycles to see if we could undertake this work with a safer alternative: bikes!

Following thorough training from DM Roads on hazard and defect identification, our team began inspections in November 2019.

Since then, our inspections have evolved to incorporate a ‘find and fix’ approach, allowing us to assist DM Roads by filling small cracks and gaps in the paths, fixing street signs and removing graffiti, as we go along inspecting the paths. This approach creates efficiencies and increases productivity for DM Roads.

We’re excited to provide an innovative service that meets both business needs and broader environmental needs, replacing large inspection vehicles with a bike to reduce carbon emissions and impact on vegetation.

This work also provides supported employment for young people, such as Nathan (pictured above), facing barriers to entering the workplace or sustaining a secure connection to work.

Good Cycles is proud to partner with DM Roads to offer safer and more environmentally friendly solutions to SUPs inspections.

To find out how Good Cycles can provide environmentally-friendly maintenance and logistics services for your organisation, please contact us here.