Turning disadvantage on its head

Good Cycles’ employment model starts unlocking talent by overcoming employment barriers. We help people access transport to get to work, build professional experience, gain qualifications or certifications, and expand their professional and community networks. 

For people with atypical abilities, high caring responsibilities, or a lack of local networks, this can be the difference between persistent insecurity or building a career path. 

A win-win partnership

This month, two of our employees made big steps towards their chosen career paths by working on a project with DM Roads. This company has been a dedicated partner to Good Cycles’ social mission and we have been committed to meeting DM Roads skills needs. It’s a win-win partnership that creates opportunity as it creates business efficiencies.

Good Cycles doubled DM Roads bridge inspection teams by pairing our employees with their experienced inspectors. The project provided training in a way that accelerated the overall work rate and provided valuable experience to employees building their skills and networks. 

A freeway gantry in Melbourne.
Gantries are inspected as part of the project


‘This is the skill set I wanted to develop – to plan, schedule and communicate project objectives. It is my first job in the field that I have studied so it means a lot’



Teams checked the integrity and safety of bridges and gantries around the transport network. As well as finishing the work ahead of time, Good Cycles employees gained industry-relevant experience, made important professional connections and made a mark with their attitude, teamwork and problem-solving. 

A Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) keeps the work team safe
A Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) keeps the work team safe


‘I really appreciated the way they arranged meetings with contacts and potential employers on my behalf, as well as offering a great reference’



Without a hand up, the new work opportunities and respected references these two young people have gained would have been out of reach. They earned them, but they may never have had the chance without pathways that let them show what they can do.

Thanks for your support.