Eve’s Story

“The Pedal Empowerment Program (PEP) allowed me to slowly get back into the routine of having a weekly commitment after several years of unemployment, and meant that instead of relying purely on a CV and interview I was able to introduce myself to people over a few weeks and demonstrate my skills and eagerness to learn.

“Regular interview approaches had been difficult for me due to both ADHD, and the fact many interviews I’ve had placed more focus on me explaining my gender, health status, or intermittent past employment than what I can actually contribute.

“After the Pedal Empowerment program I was offered a transitional employment role that acknowledged my obstacles and let me build confidence, fitness and stability at my own pace. The ongoing support offered was unconditional – they understood my hesitance to trust an employer, and lack of confidence in some areas of work, and built that trust and confidence over time. I wasn’t pushed into unsustainable rosters or expectations.

“I’ve learned that I can enjoy work and actually look forward to my day rather than just persisting for the sake of income and stability. I appreciate being given autonomy and being trusted to work on tasks independently, being given a variety of physical and mental tasks, and being in a workplace which is accommodating of people’s challenges and differences.

“The financial stability I’ve gained through regular work has allowed me to dramatically improve my own life. I am now able to afford to access the health care I need, have a secure and comfortable living situation, and have been able to support my partners and friends when they need it.

“I heard about PEP through another participant, and it came with a strong recommendation. I wish more young people were hearing about it, and similar programs, from their Job Service Provider or other employment service.”