Wheels of View – a Youth Week initiative

Good Cycles’ supported employees have been using photos to express themselves and reflect on their day to day experiences of work. Using digital platforms was already part of the job, but using the smartphone for creative expression to explore professional identity was something new. 

We affectionately called this effort “Wheels of View”. It wouldn’t have happened without the vision and drive of Belinda Woodruff and all the supported employees who brought it to life. The project was made possible by funding by the Victorian Government for Youth Week.

Through the power of photography, young people shared their perspectives and feelings that were tied to the image. Some of the submissions were astounding! Clearly, everyone’s engagement with work is personal, and connecting with it reveals the hidden gems. 

The intention was to host an exhibition of the collection of photos during Youth Week to showcase all of the incredible images. However, Covid put a pause on that idea. 

Being a team that isn’t easily disheartened, we had another idea. We collaborated with Jacinta Cubis to create an online workshop and interactive exhibition. 

Youth week participants
Supported workers practice speaking confidently about themselves and their work.

The purpose was to use the photos to help supported employees get more comfortable talking about their work. What they enjoy about it, what it gives to them, what they learn, and try to use those ideas in response to the question: ‘What do you do?’ It’s a question you hear everywhere –   from a party to meeting a new team member. And sometimes your response might open up new opportunities: especially at a networking event or job interview.

Some of the highlights for participants from the experience of taking the photos and reflecting on  them with peers were incredibly uplifting as they discussed the significance to their lives of:

  • Traveling to parts of Melbourne they have never seen before
  • Developing new hobbies
  • Working together with nature
  • Bike riding allowing them to enjoy the journey in between jobs
  • Learning that cycling is the best way to discover Melbourne

Overall, it was a great experience that saw participants come out of their shells and speak confidently about their photos and themselves. We value the contribution of every supported employee but it was great to see and hear what young people value for themselves. 

Maybe in the future, we will be able to hold the exhibition and do it all in person.

You can view all of the photos here.