Good Cycles and Event Studios Australia team up

Event Studios Australia (ESA) hit end of year targets and created a job opportunity for a young person in a win-win for productivity and social impact. Unemployment and underemployment disproportionately affect young people so together ESA and Good Cycles are addressing a significant unmet need for entry-level jobs.

Entry-level jobs build professional skills and experience and availability has been eroding for a decade. More so in the pandemic conditions of 2020. Without them, young people facing multiple disadvantages in the labour market are at higher risk of economic and social exclusion.

ESA and Good Cycles joined up to provide work for young people who have been hit hard by the pandemic. ESA Director, Jamie O’Connor, and Good Cycles employee, Beau, hit it off immediately.

‘The way Jamie gives direction shows the care he takes with every job and every person. All the instructions he gives are clear and the work is very organised. He leads by example with a professional and kind workplace culture’ said Beau.

And James had equally positive things to say of Beau ‘Just letting you know that Beau did really well today. Very diligent and took instruction well. He was very thorough in his painting. Also kept the site extremely clean, looked after the paint/brushes and most importantly wanted to stay busy at all times… All key things ESA pride ourselves on.’

Smart job-carving, so that young people can contribute at their level, builds futures and prevents inequalities from becoming entrenched. The ESA-Good Cycles’ approach values young people and gives them every chance to succeed. They gain industry experience and build their resumes with every job. 

So far Beau has had the opportunity to work on a backyard office pod, which saw him take on the following: 

  • Liquid nails on all the timber prior to the cladding
  • Full Sand of the structure with an orbital sander
  • Roll and brush three coats of paint, externally
  • Final Touch-up with a fine brush (all the grooves in the wood)
  • Full Internal painting and light sanding
  • See a 2 tonne cabin moved into position with load skates and crowbars

Job done.