Good Cycles delivers its 2022 Impact Report

Good Cycles Impact Snapshot 2022: Creating Positive Change

We are thrilled to share our Impact Snapshot for 2022. Despite the challenges that we all faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, we remained steadfast in our mission to reduce barriers to employment and have managed strong growth to create more job opportunities and impact than ever.

Youth Employment Program (YEP): Empowering 36 Young People

It was a big year for our Youth Employment Program (YEP) with over 23,000 hours of work conducted across 36 YEP participants.

Our YEP provides individual coaching support, skills development and training, and real-world work experience to young people facing barriers to employment, such as insecure housing, mental health challenges, and other forms of socioeconomic and socio-cultural disadvantage.

Our impact data shows how we are able to empower a diverse group of young individuals by unlocking aspirations and supporting them in their transition toward secure employment pathways

See our Impact report online, or click below to download the report:

Of course, we can only do this thanks to our amazing staff and our commercial, philanthropic, academic and governmental partners who support us in our commitment to impact and social enterprise.