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Account Setup

You will receive an email notification to complete the setup process. 

Once the initial steps have been completed, by following the prompts in the email. You will be able to set up and grant access to the portal for as many staff as needed.

Note: Depending on your mailbox setup, you may need to check your spam or junk folder.

The Good Deliveries portal uses your email address as the username for your account. If you cannot recall the email used, please let us know and we will retrieve it for you.

When first logging in you will be asked to set up your password.

Use the Forget password? to reset your password and regain access to your account.

Before booking a job, it is best to check all the address and contact information details are entered correctly. 

This is done in the Settings page of the portal, found in the menu on the left of the portal’s home screen. 

Note: Pick up addresses can only be added to your account by contacting Good Deliveries.

You can grant access to another member of your organisation via the Settings page. They will gain access to all areas of the portal including previous bookings.

Click on the Add New User button. Provide the person’s first name, last name, phone number and email address. In a few minutes, they will receive an email notification and instructions to finish the setup process.

Note: Depending on the mailbox setup, the new user may need to check their Spam or Junk folder.


Go to Add a New Shipping in the menu on the left of the portal’s home screen.

The new booking screen is broken up into 4 sections.

1. Sender and receiver information.

Please make sure all pick up and delivery information is entered correctly.
This includes customer address, email and phone numbers to aid with a seamless delivery. Please provide the correct phone numbers at the delivery location and any other instructions that will assist us.
Note: we are unable to deliver to PO boxes or parcel lockers.

2. Delivery options and packages.

This is the level of service required for your delivery. Different levels have been customised for your business based on your needs. Select the one that best fits your item. There is also an option to add a custom size for your parcel if it is an irregular item.

3. Delivery Instructions

You can indicate specific instructions for delivery. This can be information such as ‘Leave the parcel at the front door’.

4. Dangerous goods declaration.

This is a declaration that no dangerous goods have been placed inside the package. Good Deliveries are unable to transport items that are explosive, toxic, flammable, breakable, radioactive, cash or liquids.
Note: Good Deliveries is not a common carrier. For a full list of terms and conditions, please contact Good Deliveries.

To get a price estimate for your delivery, simply add the delivery details into Add A New Shipping and the pricing will show on the delivery options and packages screen.

Yes we can collect as many items as you need – if it is going to be more than ten items please contact us to pre-arrange the collection before booking.

You can import details for many consignments into the Good Deliveries portal simultaneously. Go to the Bulk Import tab on the left of the home screen to pop up the links.

Download template file and organise your data so it matches the CSV template file. 

Import your CSV by clicking on the Select CSV File.

A list of your imported consignments will appear. Check the information is correct and click start import down the bottom of the screen then select Print Labels.

The service level and size of each consignment will need to be entered before you can print labels. Once printed, Good Deliveries will receive notification all the orders are ready to be shipped. 

Pickup and Delivery

The time of pick up will depend on the time of booking, your business cut-off time and service level booked.

Under normal circumstances, a consignment booked as a standard service will be picked up the day it is booked as long as the booking was made before the cutoff time. 

Contact Good Deliveries to discuss your pick up schedule and cutoff times.


When a booking is made and the PDF label is generated, we receive a notification that the package is ready to be picked up. Generating the PDF label is what triggers the notification, not physically printing the label.


Under usual circumstances, deliveries are made within two business days. If you have an Express service your delivery will be made the day of booking as long as it is before the cutoff time.

Note: Occasionally consignments may be delayed a day due to unforeseen circumstances.

Good Deliveries have the authority to leave the package in a safe location at the delivery address. Authority to leave is also known as ATL.

If all your deliveries require a signature on delivery please discuss your options with Good Deliveries.

Our Express service provides same day delivery.

This is offered as a premium service and requires the pickup location to be within our service area and the consignment to be booked before an agreed cut off time. Please speak with Good Deliveries for more information.

Every effort will be made to deliver the parcel. 
If however, there is no-one home or there is nowhere to leave it safe and we are unable to deliver the item, we will leave a “Sorry we missed you!” card.
This will provide the recipient with a tracking number and link to an online form to reschedule the delivery.
If no contact has been made within 2 business days. The item will be returned to the sender.


All parcels are scanned by our staff and fully traceable at all stages from pickup to delivery. 

There are several different ways to track your consignment.

  • and enter either the GDXXXXXX number or barcode number. 
  • On the customer dashboard home screen, in the top right corner there is a track window to enter the consignment number. 
  • In the shipping orders screen, expand the consignment and hit track on the right of the screen.


Email notifications

Email notifications can be added to your account.

You can keep your customer informed at three different stages, when Good Deliveries is handling your parcel.

  • At Pick up – the parcel has been dispatched from the pickup location.
  • Out for Delivery – The parcel has left our sorting facility and is on its way to be delivered that day.
  • Delivered – This notification is sent when the parcel has been successfully delivered or has been left safe at the recipient’s location.

These emails are fully customisable. This is done in the Settings screen via Email Settings, Edit.

The pickup and out for delivery emails contain a link for the recipient to track the item at

Parcel Labels

All parcels require a shipping label as it contains all the important delivery information. The barcode is used by Good Deliveries for scanning and assists with the tracking and delivery of your consignment.

The labels are printed as the last step of the New Shipping booking process.

You can reprint labels from the shipping orders screen. The print icon is on the far right of the consignment. Note: Some set up may be required by your IT professional to automate the label printing process.

You can print or reprint multiple labels at a time. This is done from the Shipping Orders screen. Select the consignments using the check boxes, then use the orange Print Labels (X) up the top right. It is also possible to to print depending on certain parameters eg. date range, source or if they have previously been printed.

On the far right of the Settings screen there is the Label Details and an option to do a sample print. You can set the contact Name and Phone Number.

Issues, feedback and contact

Place an enquiry via the contact and support tab of the portal.

Or Click here to contact

Try to include as much relevant information as possible and we will respond to your request in a timely manner.

Depending on the reason, a second attempt at delivery will be made on the following business day.

Good Deliveries will make contact with the shipper and enquire regarding any updated delivery address information.

Delivery charges will still apply to the consignment, provided it was undeliverable outside the control of Good Deliveries.

If the item remains undeliverable after the second attempt it will be returned to the sender at the earliest possible opportunity.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide tracking information of returns via the portal.

Once printed bookings can not be recalled or cancelled within the booking system. Please contact us to resolve this.

Billing and payments

Credit card payments are processed via Stripe. 

Payments are processed when the labels are printed.

No. The payment will not be processed twice if you need to reprint your label for any reason.

Currently all payments are made via credit card at the time of booking. We are looking into various post payment and billing options.

We are soon to have connectivity and integration with Shopify and there are more integration solutions on the way. If you have particular technical requirements please contact us.

Terms and conditions

Contact Good Deliveries for a full list of terms and conditions.