Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

How can I sign up to a Good Cycles membership?

Memberships can be purchased online or in store.

Visit our memberships page and choose the membership package that suits you and… away you go! 

What are the membership offers?  

As a member, not only do you get access to great rewards and incredible service, but you also support an amazing group of young people move pass barriers and into real and meaningful employment.

Supporter – $50/yearChampion – $80/year
1 x free standard service – worth $771 x free commuter service – worth $120
10% discount in store (parts and accessories)10% discount in store (parts and accessories)
10% discount online at (parts and accessories) 10% discount online at (parts and accessories)
Exclusive member updates and eventsExclusive member updates and events


How does my membership help young people? 

By supporting Good Cycles via your membership, you are helping us provide young people who are at risk of disengagement with opportunities to join the workforce. 

Good Cycles offers these young people job-readiness training, transitional employment and one-on-one support to find meaningful, ongoing work and improve their futures.

How can I purchase my membership?

You can buy a membership online with a credit or debit card. Once purchased, you will receive a receipt and welcome email shortly after. 

Alternatively you can purchase a membership in store at any of our locations.

How do I use my discount online? 

When shopping online, log into your account before making purchases. Once you’re logged in, your discounts will be shown at checkout. If you can’t remember your login details, use the ‘lost my password’ function in the login page – and we’ll get you back on track!

How do I use my discount in store? 

Just mention you’re a member and our friendly team will ensure that your discount will be applied.

Are memberships tax deductible? 

Unfortunately not. Although Good Cycles is a registered charity and donations to us are tax deductible, a membership is not considered a tax deduction. If you’re feeling extra generous and want to make a make a tax deductible donation to Good Cycles, please head here.

How do I use/book my free service? 

Free services can be booked online or in store.

You can book your free service online here. Just make sure you choose the “Free Service” product for your membership level in the booking form. Also, let our team know that you’re a member when you drop your bike off.

Alternatively, you can drop into any of our three Good Cycles Community Bike Stores (see below) with your bike, and let us know you want to use your free service. We’ll book it in, and it’s all plain sailing from there.

Just a quick heads up – depending on the amount of work your bike requires, there may be some additional costs to your bike for new parts, etc. So you may still need to spend money. But the good news is that if you’re a Supporter or Champion member, you’ll get a discount on these parts. So it’s still a win for you! If you’re a Friend member, you won’t get a free service but you’ll get 5% of the total cost of your service (including parts).

Our Locations

Melbourne CBD | DocklandsGeelong

If I do not live near a Good Cycles store, can I gift my included service to someone else? 

Unfortunately we are unable to offer the ability to ‘transfer’ free services to a person of your choice. However, as part of our #PayItForward program, you have the option to donate your free service to a person from a disadvantaged background that is unable to pay for their bike service. You can do this by emailing our memberships team and asking for your service to be added to the #PayItForward program. We understand the power of the bike, and we want to help people stay on their bike! Hopefully you’re on board with this too.

Can I use my free service at any Good Cycles service stores? 

Yes, you are able to use your free service at any of our three Good Cycles Bike Stores. 

Melbourne CBD | DocklandsGeelong

If I do not use my free service, can I roll it over to the following year? 

Unfortunately, free services cannot be rolled over to a new year if they are not used.
But the good news is, these services are not lost!

Any unused free member services are added to our  #PayItForward program.  

The #PayItForward program provides a free service to a person from a disadvantaged background that is unable to pay for a bike service. We understand the power of the bike, and we want to help people stay on their bike! Hopefully you’re on board with this too.

I know a young person who could benefit from your transitional employment programs, how can I help them be part of this? 

If you know a young person who may be interested in joining our Pedal Empowerment Program,  you can get in touch with our Transitional Employment Manager on to find out more.

Can I gift a membership to someone else? 

Yes! You can purchase a membership for a friend or loved one if you have the necessary member details for them. If not, you can purchase a Good Cycles gift voucher for them so they can arrange their own membership.   

How do you manage my personal information provided?

We respect your privacy. All your personal information is managed responsibly and in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

I’m having some issues with my membership, can I talk to someone?

We’re sorry to hear that it hasn’t been plain sailing, but we’d love to help set things straight. Send us an email at

I think you do an amazing job! Is there any way I can help support Good Cycles even more?

First of all, thank you! We appreciate the kind words. Your membership already goes a long way, but if you’ve got any idea or want to work together to provide more training and employment opportunities for at-risk young people please shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you!


If you’re an essential worker, or use your bike to do essential work i.e. delivery rider, we can do emergency repairs by appointment only, please email

For the rest of our customers, our physical stores are temporarily closed, but our online shop is open for any parts and accessories you might need delivered.

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