Happy One Year Anniversary Nathan

Nathan's Journey to Sustainable Employment and Personal Growth with Good Cycles

Nathan, a high school graduate, struggled to find sustainable work. After leaving high school, he was in a vicious cycle of inconsistent work and an unstable income. Determined to work and make himself more employable, he tried extra study and working in different industries, but Nathan’s struggle continued and still faced barriers to employment . His life took a positive turn when he joined Good Cycles in our Open Spaces division.

Welcome to Good Cycles

In June of last year, Nathan learned about Good Cycles through Djerriwarrh, an employment support organisation that helped Nathan refine his CV and introduced him to our Open Spaces team. Through Open Spaces, Good Cycles created a range of new gardening and mowing job opportunities and welcomed Nathan for an interview. From the get-go, our “relaxed and welcoming” interview process made him feel at ease, and Nathan was offered a gardening role at Good Cycles, joining our Youth Employment Program.

Social Impact via the Youth Employment Program

Our Youth Employment Program is designed to support people in Nathan’s position with coaching and skills development alongside real-world work experience. One of the key aspects of the program is Nathan’s weekly check-ins with Jordan – one of Good Cycles’ youth employment coaches. These sessions allow Jordan and Nathan to set work goals and then apply the relevant training or coaching required. Currently, Jordan is supporting Nathan’s application for a Cert III in Horticulture at Kangan Institute.

"(Working at Good Cycles has) not only provided me with a stable source of income but also a sense of purpose and personal growth”.

12 Months On

Maintaining employment for 6 months is a significant milestone for people who have faced barriers to employment. In June 2023, we’re proud to celebrate Nathan’s one year anniversary with Good Cycles. His team members have seen growth in his communication and teamwork skills and have also witnessed his personal efforts to develop consistent routines. Through his commitment, Nathan has found independence, financial stability, and the means to “treat himself”.

Nathan hopes to continue his career with the gardening team at Good Cycles and work towards operating large machinery such as mowers and tractors.

Sustainable Employment

Nathan’s journey to sustainable employment with Good Cycles highlights the importance of creating meaningful jobs within a safe and inclusive workplace. Nathan has acquired new skills, certifications and more importantly, a sense of belonging. He added that his experience with the team and Jordan has “provided him with a stable source of income and a sense of purpose and personal growth”.

Nathan’s dedication to his job has not gone unnoticed. His manager, Brett, has praised him for his reliability, for never being late to work, and for never missing a day since he started.

“I love my job with Good Cycles, it has allowed me to see myself in the future and gain the qualifications needed to get there.” ~ Nathan