Open spaces

Open spaces

Enhancing livability through open spaces

Open Space and horticulture management is much more than just slashing and mowing (although we do that too!). Good Cycles’ team is experienced in maintaining and managing parks and open spaces to optimal standards. Understanding the impact of seasonal changes and monitoring the forecast weather is important for the forward-planning of gardens. Replacing annuals, watering at the correct time in the growing and weather cycle, and pruning hedges and trees for healthy growth and public safety are all part of a comprehensive management plan that delivers thriving open spaces for community enjoyment.

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Social innovation

Innovation is at the core of Good Cycles. Collaboration with clients beyond basic program delivery is inherent in all our contracts. This brings a place-based approach to employment and streamlines pathways for local young people facing barriers to employment. Importantly, collaboration and co-development enables innovation in program delivery and scope. It sets the foundation for strong ongoing relationships with our clients based on mutual understanding and interest. 

  • For state and local government, we undertake the management programs of open spaces for safe use of the users and general public.
  • For council and institutional open spaces management including gardens and landscape maintenance
  • Large scale vegetation mowing on the road network for the North West area of Melbourne
  • Litter control and removal services to approved waste facilities
  • Implementation of weed control program with fully trained and licensed herbicide operators
  • Provide guidance and support to clients for the management of their arboricultural assets
  • Lawn and turf maintenance, regular mowing, and seasonal turf management requirements such as broad leaf weed control, fertilising and top dressing
  • Garden bed maintenance, formative pruning and hedging, mulching, edging and seasonal planting refurbishment
  • Maintain a wide variety of vegetation types, such as indigenous, native and a range of exotic vegetation
  • Weed control programs using a variety of treatments
  • Arboricultural tree management
  • Landscaping and planting 
  • Wide range of industrial grounds maintenance equipment including Front Deck Mowers, Zero Turn Mowers, Wide Area Mowers, Tractors with various Implements (Land Prides, Slashers, Reach Arm Mowers, Edgers), Flat Bed Trucks and Utility Vehicles including herbicide spray units and litter collection vehicles
  • Annual Services program delivery, dealing with the seasonality of the landscape that is being maintained
  • Seasonal Fire prevention management
  • Autumn / winter horticultural programs, environmental management and Arboricultural works
  • Close client contract management to ensure public / users requests are dealt with in an efficient and effective manner
  • Annual services program planning and delivery 
  • Grounds mowing and maintenance as required
  • Garden maintenance as required to ensure good health and form of the vegetation
  • Close client contract management to ensure public / users requests are dealt with in an efficient and effective manner

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