Melbourne Social Enterprise Village

Creating jobs and opportunity in the heart of Melbourne

A first for Melbourne

The new Melbourne Social Enterprise Village (Village), set to launch in the first half of 2022, brings together several innovative social enterprises in Australia.

Located in Flinders St, on the northern banks of the Yarra, the Village will bring a previously neglected corner of Melbourne to life. 

Come visit us at:

  • The Good Cycles shop to drop off your bike for servicing or grab a spare tube on the way to work
  • The Community Grocer to grab an apple or banana for a healthy start to the day
  • The Dragonfly Collective where budding social enterprise entrepreneurs can make a start with mentoring, coaching and business support
  • A Moral Fairground event, fair or networking event for a dynamic and lively experience
  • SENVIC to learn more about the wonderful work of Victorian social enterprises

The Village will activate and revitalise the site under the train line at the intersection of Flinders Street and Queens Bridge Street. This area provides a central setting for building ‘place-based’ activation from the ground up.

By taking a collaborative approach we can, together, raise the profile and visibility of social enterprise in Victoria.

The Village is one of the first of its kind and is expected to achieve a number of goals in the coming years, including:

  • Up to 800 jobs for young people of  at risk of disengagement
  • A showcase for what social enterprise can achieve for the economy as well as the community
  • A vibrant space which will encourage the start up of new social enterprises; 
  • An innovator in active transport as we do our bit to create a more sustainable city.

Do you want to contribute to the future of young people and social enterprise?


We are thrilled that the following enterprises will be joining us to operate in the Social Enterprise Village.

Onwards, Upwards

It is estimated that the Village will create 800 transitional employment opportunities with social enterprise employers for people who experience disadvantage in the labour market across the first eight years of the project.

The estimated value created by the Village in the first year of its operation is $4.6 million. Some of the value repeats in every year of operation. The value created by the Village across its first eight-years is estimated at $39 million.

The potential value is broken down into 4 key areas:

The prominent city centre location increases the visibility of social enterprises, leading to improved understanding of the business model. This could catalyse the expansion of the social enterprise sector, leading to improved social and policy outcomes for Melbourne and Victoria.

A wide range of employment opportunities will be created for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market, including support to enable people to transition into mainstream employment. These transitional employment opportunities mean that the social value created is not a one-off but repeated each year through the Village model.

Activation of a currently under-utilised location can drive inclusive economic development and enhance Melbourne’s identity as a diverse and socially inclusive city.

The Village will contribute to Melbourne being an efficient, productive and low impact city through the increased use of commercial micromobility solutions and greater uptake of cycling for commuting.

With 100% of our profits going to support our mission, the past 12 months has seen our outcomes continue to grow.

Connected 66 young people facing barriers to employment to support networks in their community
Trainees into employment
Program participants
Supported 54 young people to meet 110 professional goals and 46 well-being goals
Assisted 36 young people to strengthen their resumé
Covered 11,701 km by E-bike to provide waste management services, saving 3447kg of carbon dioxide emissions

Good Cycles has established itself as a key influencer in Victoria’s social enterprise sector. Together with other leading social enterprises, the site will set a new, exciting stage for the development of social enterprise in Victoria.

This project is an opportunity for Melbourne to continue its influence in the growing global social enterprise sector. It will provide a tangible example of the power of social enterprise to create inclusive social and economic development, and a model for increasing the scale at which social enterprise can operate.

Contributing partners

We are indebted to the following organisations and government entities, whose support in helping to bring the Village to life has been invaluable.

Do you want to get involved?

We’re always looking to hear from new supporters and organisations interested in contributing to this exciting new venture.
For more information on joining us in this initiative, contact our Commercial Manager, Gordon Oakley.