Here are some safety tips for riding a bike in the wet

Getting out on your bike during the wetter months can be daunting. That’s why finding the right gear that makes you comfortable and protects you from the elements is essential for wet weather riding.

In the winter months, when daylight hours are shorter and weather conditions can be unpredictable, having lights on your bike is essential for safety. Bike lights not only make you more visible to motorists but also help you see the road ahead clearly, enabling you to navigate safely through potentially hazardous conditions. Whether you’re commuting or riding for leisure, investing in reliable bike lights is a small but crucial safety measure all year around, and especially during winter with increased dark hours and wet weather.

Having tyres that are prepared for all seasons means that they have plenty of grip and tread, and are not too thin since they are the only contact point between you and the road. Anything between 25 and 28 inches is ideal. To maximize your grip on the wet roads, increase your tyres’ total surface area by riding road bike tyres at 85 PSI and wider MTB or hybrid bike tyres at 40 PSI. 

Accessories to help you out in the winter months include bike racks and mudguards. Cycling with a mudguard diminishes the spray from your rear wheel and keeps your back dry. Mudguards reduce the amount of water flying on to the person behind you, so it would be a considerate investment towards your fellow cyclists too! Keep your belongings dry by storing them in panniers on either side of your rear wheel, thanks to your rear rack. If you want less drag or ride a single speed bike, then try a front rack. 

Looking after your chain is important for your bike to keep moving smoothly. Grease your chain, or better yet, take it for a safety check and service at your local Good Cycles shop. If your notice your bike swaying as you brake or not reacting as it should, our mechanics can also replace your bike’s worn brakes.

Our staff have the experience and expertise to find the right accessories to fit your bike and your budget. Make a difference in your local community by shopping online or instore at your local Good Cycles shop. Remember, 100% of our profits go towards our youth employment and coaching programs that benefit young people to break through their employment barriers.

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