Micromobility operations

Micromobility operations

We bring more than five years experience operating successful micromobility share programs in Australia. We’ve maintained docked pedal bikes in Melbourne as well as several dockless systems using electric bikes both in Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

The range of services we provide includes:

  • Replacement and recharging of batteries
  • ‘Rebalancing’ of the fleet to ensure bikes are in prime locations for hire
  • Regular servicing
  • Repairs, replacement of damaged parts

We can offer these services for fleets of 6 to 6,000.

Our credentials in bike share operations has resulted in a number of requests to operate smaller, private micromobility hubs.

Find out how we can assist you:

Our clients

Case study: Energising shared micromobility for Melbourne

By choosing to work with Good Cycles, micromobility companies receive extensive experience and local knowledge to ensure on-the-ground operations meet community expectations.


Lime ebikes being distributed across Melbourne

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