Cycling programs

Cycling programs

Suitable for employers, clubs, groups and councils, we can provide a range of cycling training programs for novice riders as well as those who are comfortable on a bike.

Our cycling programs help build cycling and on-road confidence, giving individuals the skills to safely and comfortably commute by bike.

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Introduction to cycling:

3 – 4 hours, up to 14 participants

This program is tailored for novice riders who can ride a bike, and do most of their riding on bike paths, but wants to commute and/or use their bike for shopping trips. There are three key elements to this program;

  1. Introduction to bike maintenance (including changing a tube, lubing a chain, adjusting saddle)
  2. Introduction to road rules, signaling, turning – practical, but in a safe environment
  3. On-road riding practice – getting participants used to riding on the road, albeit on separated lanes
Introduction to cycling program participants learning how to maintain their bikes

On road cycling confidence:

2 hours, up to 8 participants

This program targets those who can ride competently and want to take the next step – to commuting, using their bike for shopping and a means of transport – as opposed to recreation. The elements of this session are:

  1. Route planning (off-road/classroom)
  2. Guided rides, including a refresher on road rules
  3. Practice commutes in a small group 

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