Case study: Energising shared micromobility for Melbourne

Case study: Energising shared micromobility for Melbourne

By choosing to work with Good Cycles, micromobility companies receive extensive experience and local knowledge to ensure on-the-ground operations meet community expectations.

Lime ebikes being distributed across Melbourne

There is a lot of work required to keep a large e-bike fleet humming. The bikes need to be in the right place and with batteries charged so that customers can use them as a last-mile alternative to other forms of transport. They also need to be repaired and regularly serviced to keep everyone safe. 


By partnering with Good Cycles, Lime and local councils have benefited from our wealth of experience running bike share operations in the city. We have a team of field technicians that replace batteries and rebalance bikes throughout the city. They also complete minor repairs or bring harder fixes back to our warehouse to be worked on by our team of bike mechanics. Our mechanics are highly specialised in shared e-bike fleets, which require complex software and electrical diagnosis and repairs, in addition to all the typical bike maintenance.


This partnership gives residents and visitors of Melbourne access to a low emission and fun way to get around, and Lime peace of mind that their fleet is well looked after.

The outcome:

  • 800 e-bike fleet managed and maintained
  • Over 25,000 Melbournians provided a convenient and low carbon transport alternative
  • Over 100,000 trips serviced
A Lime ebike being serviced

The impact:

  • Meaningful employment for 14 young people at risk of disengagement 
  • Removed 5 entry-level barriers to employment for young people:
    • Educational qualifications were not required
    • A lack of relevant industry experience was overcome
    • Language barriers were overcome via a bi-lingual buddy system
    • Technical and transferable skills were developed
    • Professional networking support was provided
  • 4 young people have already gone on to their next career progression
  • 2 young people have had internal promotions
  • 3 young people have commenced additional career education
A Lime ebike being relocated