Case study: Sharing the load with car cleaning

Case study: Sharing the load with car cleaning

The customers of major car share operators can be sure that the car they’re collecting is clean and well-maintained thanks to our fleet of technicians on e-cargo bikes. Since December of 2016, Good Cycles has partnered with car share operators to deliver cleaning and inspections to car share vehicles that leave a low carbon footprint.

With fleets of car share vehicles deployed across Melbourne, operators have a lot of work when it comes to keeping track of each vehicle. There’s also the added challenge of keeping each vehicle clean and maintained, ready for the next customer.

Realising it takes a lot of human and material resources to perform routine cleaning and make inspections to report any damage, car share operators partnered with Good Cycles. Technicians are equipped with e-bikes, portable vacuum cleaners and cleaning solutions to get the job done.

Good Cycles increased cleaning operations during the Covid-19 pandemic, to ensure all vehicles were thoroughly disinfected and Covid-safe.

By using e-cargo bikes, carbon emissions and congestion on busy Melbourne streets were reduced.

The outcome:

  • 14,638 cars cleaned
  • Replaced an estimated 14,000 vehicle movements across the City of Melbourne with trips on e-bikes

The impact:

The social impact

  • Meaningful employment for 50 young people at-risk of disengagement
  • Removed 5 entry-level barriers to employment for young people:
    • A drivers licence was not required
    • A certification for work was not required
    • Educational qualifications were not required
    • A lack of relevant industry experience was overcome
    • Resume support was provided