Our Active Cycling Services can help you improve your staff’s health, wellbeing and productivity by making it easier to ride to work.


  • Good Cycles will engage your staff to overcome key barriers and help increase the number of your staff that ride to work through the following services:
    • end-of-trip bicycle servicing;
    • data collection (including facilities use and staff surveys) to understand utilisation and key barriers to staff riding to work;
    • bicycle and electric bicycle leasing for your staff to use to ride to work;
    • staff workshops (relating to bicycle repairs, road safety and behaviour change);

    – advising on and implementing education and empowerment strategies (including access to future Good Cycles membership programs).

We are pleased to advise that Good Cycles is a Social Traders certified social enterprise. We are also a registered charity under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).


Increased productivity

Your company will benefit from a healthier, happier and more productive workforce by engaging our services. A 2014 PwC report found that, on average, for every dollar a company spends on implementing a successful action to create a mentally healthy workplace it gains $2.30.

Helping you look after your people

A recent study found that untreated mental health problems cost the Australian economy

$10.9 billion in productivity each year. Studies also demonstrate that regular exercise leads to increased productivity through improved energy levels, overall happiness and brain function. Good Cycles’ active cycling services, such as bicycle servicing and leasing, data collection and analysis and education strategies, will help your staff ride into work regularly.

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